About ICMR

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research, is one of the oldest medical research bodies in the world. The ICMR has always attempted to address itself to the growing demands of scientific advances in biomedical research on the one hand, and to the need of finding practical solutions to the health problems of the country, on the other. The ICMR has come a long way from the days when it was known as the IRFA, but the Council is conscious of the fact that it still has miles to go in pursuit of scientific achievements as well as health targets.

About FoodNet

This taskforce project will help determine the risk factors that contribute to sporadic/outbreak infections through population-based studies while examining the importance of different risk exposures associated with food and practices as contributors to infections in the Northeast Region of India. The information gathered through this study will be compiled with the goal of their use to prevent foodborne diseases by providing the highest quality of scientific evidence to monitor outbreaks, evaluate public health interventions, build policy and gauge the progress in disease prevention.

Mission Objective

  • To identify the pathogens causing foodborne diseases and outbreaks
  • Evaluation of the burden of the foodborne disease in Northeast India
  • Documenting regional and seasonal differences in the incidences of certain bacterial, viral and parasitic foodborne diseases
  • Genotyping and assessing antibiotic sensitivity pattern of bacterial pathogens
  • Describing the transmission pathway of different foodborne diseases
  • Infrastructure development for microbial culture, antibiotic sensitivity testing and molecular epidemiological studies in Northeast India
  • Development of foodborne pathogens strains repository (FBPSR) to archive and preserve important foodborne pathogens
  • Active Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance in Northeast India
  • Geo-mapping of incidence of foodborne infections
  • Public health action measures, i.e., awareness of water and food hygiene among the health workers, food handlers, etc.

Survey to Capture Burden of Illness

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