Sentinel Surveillance Network for Pathogens causing Food and Water Borne Diseases (ICMR-FoodNet)

Initiated in by ICMR in 2020 this integrated task force coordinates project-based activity campaigns, monitors foodborne enteric disease outbreaks and conducts intensified systematic laboratory-based surveillance in four North-East Indian states, in collaboration with research and medical institutions and food sectors.

This project also includes estimation of illness burden, detection of specific pathogens responsible for outbreaks, documenting antimicrobial resistance patterns among of enteric bacteria, while additionally acting as an external quality assurance system, maintaining a centralized databank and provides reference services.

 What's New
Screening of Phase-II Centers Initiated

ICMR now intends to initiate Phase II to expand the Foodborne Pathogens Research Surveillance Network in the remaining four states of Northeast, India i.e. states of Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland to execute Phase II for the purposes of estimating the burden and distribution of foodborne pathogens and outbreaks in NER, India.

Foodborne disease outbreak workshop from 1-4th Feb 2023

ICMR, New Delhi is organizing the workshop on Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigation & Reporting for all ICMR FoodNet centers (NE & Kolkata), to be conducted by ICMR-NIE, Chennai under the aegis of ICMR for the “Surveillance of Foodborne Pathogens (FBP) from North-East India,” Taskforce Project.

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